Upcoming NFT Drops Calendar

Nyoki Club

March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022

10,000 Nyoki brought on planet earth by the strike of Comet Nyoki to the peak of Mount Fuji. Nyokies are now seeking their new owners.

Nyzil Alien Faces NFT

January 23, 2022 – January 30, 2022

nyzil alien face nft’s it’s long been said that aliens actively try to communicate with us. they leave us cryptic messages but we have to be ready to see the truth! strange and eerie, nyzil alien face nft’s are fascinating portrait prints of our extraterrestrial friends. only 400 rare nft’s in total! this alpha drop […]

NYC Through the lens of a Holga

November 06, 2021 – November 12, 2021

As you walk down the streets of NYC, look at it through the lens of a Holga. The Holga is a medium format camera that shoots 120 films, giving it an added richness to the image. The camera itself gives natural vignettes, blurs, and light leaks around the edges of the photograph with a more […]

NY Nicks Collection

February 06, 2022 – February 11, 2022

Official Drop of Part 2 NY Nicks basketball collectible set on opensea.io/knicksin4. Nfts of your favorite players with attributes and overalls.   

Adventures Gangs

September 06, 2022 – September 13, 2022

ADVENTURES GANGS NFT is an NFT collection Living on Solana Blockchain. After our public mint, 30% of net proceeds will be reinvested into our holders’ with others to earn $USD.


August 26, 2022 – September 02, 2022

A collection of 8,888 Algorithm Generated Kitty Citizens living on Ethereum Smart Contract. Let’s preparing to build the new 8-Bit virtual town call Kittinton! Mint is coming on 26th August! -Full-Res Kitties Avatars Mint! -Access and Convertable to Kittinton the virtual town that running under WEB 3.0 Definition! -Holders receive their home and space inside […]

Baby Sharks Nft

September 15, 2022 – September 22, 2022

Baby Sharks is an educative NFT project for artists and ocean lovers.It is a limited collection of 10,000 randomly generated collectibles.FORMATION Each NFT comes with a master online class on how to become an NFT creator by learning how to: use Procreate, make an active community on Twitter, automatically generate thousands of images from a […]

Triverse Nft

August 25, 2022 – September 01, 2022

A Timeline that spawns alternate realities, enabling new battlegrounds on a infinite horizon which makes up the TriVerse. Who wins, who loses, which realm triumph depends on you. In the TriVerse, three possible alternate realities form three different realms converged and connected by the Nexus Gateway, where beings from each realm can travel to the […]

ModZ Survival

August 19, 2022 – August 25, 2022

UtopianZ is an alien society of unique characters based around CNFT projects and communities. They live and populate the Planet UtopiaZ as well as the orbiting moons Zena and DyZtopia. The population is currently unknown. All the humans have discovered so far is that there are 2049 ModZ.  

Inner Dragons Club

August 31, 2022 – September 07, 2022

Inner Dragons Club is a NFT collection of 3D generative art, living in the Ethereum blockchain. The art represents the inner and powerful dragons that we all have inside. Each holder will have access to a full body 3D avatar that is a 1 to 1 version of each NFT. This avatar can be used […]

Hefty Hippos

August 28, 2022 – September 04, 2022

Hefty Hippos is a randomly generated collection of 8,888 Hippos with a goal of protecting African wildlife through creating a community to be proud. This community will have exclusive access to future plans created by all Hippos.  These plans include breeding two hippos, creating a baby which mimics its parent’s traits, donating over $100,000 to […]

Naughty chicks mugshots club

September 18, 2022 – September 25, 2022

The hyperpostmodern era that embraces us naturally brings us a bunch of particular charcters of the time. Their physical identities are typical of a gray, dark everyday enviroment, narcissistic, selfish, presumptuous but above all very human. The human specie is in decline and its individuals are the reflection of a sick and lost society, desperate […]


August 18, 2022 – August 25, 2022

KNIGHTINY FREE MINT  Knightiny is Cross-Metaverse FP2E Battle Royale, where players use their own any playable NFTs from any metaverse.  Knightiny – the one and only    Main Game Character, warrior who helps you to get resources for rich rewards and meta travel. You can purchase listed for sale via site.  TINY are currently the […]

Flex cat

August 17, 2022 – August 24, 2022

FLEX CAT FREE MINT Flex Cat – scientist from the Flex Metaverse Using their own logic and power to take more supply and travel around the metaverses Character included in Knightiny Cross-Metaverse. Combining a video game with NFT ownership, a DeFi – economy, DAO governance, guilds, and cross-metaverse, we’re turning the multiverse into a world […]

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