The Original “Doge” Meme is Sold as an NFT for $4 Million.

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The Original


Doge Meme Officially Sold?

NFT is getting better and better, and their recent presentation of a $4 million dogecoin-based deal is proof of that. It’s an amazing deal! Members can now buy a piece of Doge art for less than $1. This is the most interesting part of the whole deal.

About Doge

From the days of Shiba Inu or Kabosu, you may have heard of Doge. Who can forget the main foundations that led to the creation of the huge cryptocurrency dogecoin in 2010? From then on, it hasn’t looked back. Because of this $4 million project, came to an end in June of this year.

As you can see, a lot of people are skeptical about paying so much money for your own jpeg. But, to be honest, Doge is built on an online community that is both trustworthy and elite! Remember that dogecoin is on the same level as some of the best cryptocurrency coins you might think of, so don’t forget about that.

Even Mark Cuban and Elon Musk agree. In fact, they have used this coin at some point. Because of the $1 buyable feature, a lot of investors and members can now own a lot of dogecoins. Not all investors can buy or get the Doge meme for a million dollars.


How To Make Money on Dogecoin

One of the best chances for investors to make money is coming up right now. The price of dogecoin has dropped so low that it is now possible to buy or own it. Thank you to PleasarDAO for all of your hard work. This is what we call “bit and piece ownership.” PleasarDAO lets you own a fraction of the company, or “bit and piece.” The project is new, and many customers don’t know about it yet. With its interesting movement, we hope that it will get more attention.

Here’s How It Works

PleasarDAO has a platform inside called It’s all meant to break down or separate NFT. This means that there are now a billion active ERC-20 tokens that show NFT.

In the world of contracts, we all know how important ERC-20 tokens are to making them. Because this is an official representation, these tokens have the DOG symbol on them. Dog owners now have the chance to make important decisions and run the country as soon as they can. NFT is now controlled and shaped by people who own DOGs. PleasarDAO CEO Jamis Johnson has also said that the company has made big progress.

People who use PleasarDAO should know that it isn’t the first NFT platform to split up. PleasarDAO is making a lot of money with NFT fractionalizing.

They have a much better chance now to own iconic deals and assets. It’s still a good idea for investors to stay in their own lane when it comes to making money. Don’t be too ambitious. Instead, invest what you can afford to lose. It’s not about succumbing to the pressure of your peers, but about investing the right amount of money. With the growth of NFT, which now has more than two billion tags, you’ll have to get in there.


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