Mint Made by Andy Warhol Looks Like a Can of Soup. NFT Makes it in Just 8 Minutes.

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Mint Made by Andy Warhol Looks Like a Can of Soup. NFT Makes it in Just 8 Minutes.

Art and NFTs

Andy Worhol was one of the few artists who helped start the pop art movement in the mid-90s. Known as the “father of generative art,” not many well-known artists disagree with the idea that Warhol would have been excited about the changes that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are making in the art world.

When he painted the “Soup Cans” between November 1961 and March or April 1962, Worhol showed that he was a fan of generative art. Each soup can was different, even though they were almost the same.

It is through that you can buy Campell’S Soup Cans.

Art101 Team Parodies Andy Worhol

The Art101 team recently made a set of 2048 vector parodies of Warhol’s work “the soup cans,” and they put it on the popular marketplace, OpenSea. “NonFungibleSoup” says this about Warhol’s earlier work: “He was a great source of inspiration.”

Behind Warhol’s bright colors and well-known images was a new way to make art. Silkscreening was a process that was used by Warhol. It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare. His work is an example of generative art from a long time before it was used in other ways. The last of which are soup cans.

About Soup Cans

Soup can help NFTs have a big success.

Soup cans NFTs were sold out in just eight minutes after the project came out because it was a new way to connect digital and traditional art markets. The tokens were free to make except for gas fees. Within 24 hours of their launch, there was about $1 million worth of trading. The Non-Fungible Soup Mint event was announced on the NFT Calendar several days before it went live.

Non-Fungible Soups are very rare, and this one sold for 2.2 ETH (about £5,300). The person who sold this soup made it for free and sold it just three days later. 947 people own the collection with a price of 0.2 ETH (£530) at the time of this writing.

If you sell NFT, it is not unusual for them to become valuable quickly after they are made public. When a 12-year-old schoolboy in London sold his “Weird Whale” artwork as NFTs, he made more than $290,000.


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