It Only Took Grimes About 20 Minutes to Make Almost $5.8 Million by Selling Crypto-Based Art.

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It Only Took Grimes About 20 Minutes to Make Almost $5.8 Million by Selling Crypto-Based Art.


Grimes Selling A Huge Collection

Grimes sold a huge collection of digital art for a lot of money.

WarNymph is the name of the singer’s digital art collection that was released on Sunday. She plans to sell the digital art for 48 hours.

There has been a big rise in the sales of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, over the last few weeks. NFTs, which are a unique type of digital asset or token, have sold for millions of dollars in some cases. This has helped make the crypto-art market worth more than $100 million.

Tweet Announcement

More than $5.8 million was made by Grimes’ 10 NFTs in less than 20 minutes; they were all sold. Tweeted about it: The singer had said about the auction.

It will be time for NFTs to be dropped tomorrow at 2pm EST. enter the void picture

????????????? In 2021, (@Grimezsz) February 28, 2021.

One piece, an image that shows a baby protecting Mars, has drawn a lot of attention. It sold for more than $300,000 in less than 10 minutes. The “Newborn 2” NFT has already been put back up for sale for $2.5 million.

People have thought that the baby in the collection is a picture of Grimes and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s baby, but Grimes said that the baby in the artwork was “the Goddess of Neo-Genesis.”


Grimes Plan for NFT Trading

For NFT trading, Grimes wants to sell the art pieces on the platform called Nifty Gateway. People who worked on it with the singer’s brother Mac Boucher, who has done this before.

In the art, there are ethereal images of a baby with wings in space, and some of the pieces are set to new Grimes music. The song “rythe” is in the piece “Earth.” It hasn’t been released yet. Music by Mars and Anhedonia by Death of the Old both have the “Mars Theme.”


To show “a state of infinite infancy where she sheds her old skin of corruption,” the site says, WarNymph is shown as a baby. The site says she fights “the destructive force of obsolete ideas and systemic decay that threatens the future.”

The singer wants to give a portion of the money to Carbon 180, a nonprofit group that tries to cut down on carbon emissions. Her boyfriend, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, has been very vocal about cutting back on emissions. In February, he revealed the details of a $100 million carbon-capture competition he said he’d fund, which he said he would pay for.

Further Selling Plans

They plan to sell the NFT collection, one of many that Grimes wants to get rid of. She said that she was making a mythical world called Oth3rkin, and that WarNymph would grow up as a part of it, like a person.

She sold “Death of the Old” on Monday for almost $400,000.

In fact, he is one of many artists who are taking advantage of NFTs. An NFT of Chris Torres’ “Nyan Cat” sold for almost $600,000 in February.

The market for digital tokens is becoming more and more profitable. Mark Cuban, a billionaire investor, has said that he wants to buy NFTs. She sold an NFT for $59,000 in February.


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