You can use both free and paid ways to get the word out about your collection:

A craze that will soon pass is what some people call when someone else is excited about the game.
The NFT industry changed the world in a big way.
This is a big moment in the history of art, culture, and the world as a whole.
For many artists, this is also a great chance for a lot of big changes to happen in their lives.

The NFT market is open to all artists, from world-famous people who have a million followers on social media to people who have never done this before.
There are a lot of people who post their NFT collections or individual artworks every day.
That you are a great artist and your work is unique.
If you want collectors to notice you, you might have to do more than just look good.

It’s important to get the word out about your NFT Collection.

We have put together a guide on how to market your NFTs and become a well-known artist in a crowd of other artists.
Find out how to show the world your NFT Collection in the right way by reading on.

Start promoting your NFT Collection to get more people to see it

People might make NFTs to make money, keep up with the times, and get more attention for their art. This is what we can think about.
The reason doesn’t matter. They can’t get anywhere without getting a raise.

It is important to get the word out about NFT Collections.

When you spread the word about your art, more people who might spend money on it will see it.
You know it’s true, don’t you?
If you’re just starting out as an artist, you might just make NFTs and stop there.
At the moment, sales and marketing and PR go hand in hand with each other.
So, if you want to make money, you need to get your name out there.

When you do everything you can and try to get noticed, you get noticed and get more attention.
Passion and a real desire to become a well-known artist are always good things that pay off.
Promotion will be good for both your business and your personal brand.

By promoting your NFT Project, you get other artists to want to work with you in the future. This is not just for collectors, though.

Finally, when we see that an artist is a person who helps make his project visible, we always pay attention to it and put it in our NFT Calendar.


Ten of the best ways to get the word out about your NFT project.

For the last few months, we have been paying close attention to the NFT business.
When we look at our calendar and social media, we have added a lot of drops. We have also learned about a lot of different artists and how they promote their work.
It helped us to look at different ways to market crypto art and choose the best one.
Look around!

Some free ways to get attention:

Add your water drop to the NFT Calendar now.

NFT Calendar is the first calendar on the market that shows all of the best NFT drops from different stores in one place.
As an NFT fan, this is a great place to find the best releases. You don’t have to go from market to market to find them all.

It doesn’t take long to add your drop to the NFT Calendar.
The only thing you need to do is fill out the form with the main information about your project:

Title: This is what people will call your NFT collection or piece of art. This is what people will say about you. This is what people will say about you. This is what people will say about you.

Then, after our team gives it a quick look, your drop will show up in the list.
The submission is free, so don’t worry!

In addition, we show some drops on Instagram and Twitter, where we have a group of NFT fans.

For free, you can add your drop to the NFT Calendar.
Sounds good to me.

You can make good use of your social media accounts.

To get your name out there, you can use Social Media Marketing to spread the word.
If this is an NFT Collection with a lot of NFTs, the artists post them on all their social media accounts and show off each one.
People need to start getting ready for the release at least two weeks before the date.
Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Medium are the best places to show off your drop.
It’s a good idea to talk about how you made the pieces, what they were about, and what went wrong if there were any.

Keep in mind that some people don’t know anything about NFT art.
You should also write a series of blog posts that explain what NFT is and why it makes sense to buy digital collectibles, like games and movies.

Make a teaser for your NFT project that is eye-catching.


Teasers are used to show what your NFT Project is about, but also to keep people interested.
Usually, people who want to be collectors get excited when they see this kind of advertising. They stay tuned for more information, and they don’t forget to go to the store on the release date.
Make a teaser and share it on social media. You can also give it to the market to use on its website and social media pages.

You’re an artist, so of course you’ll be creative. Make the NFT world excited to see your drop after watching a teaser that they’ll look forward to.

Get to the items that are most popular on the market.


This kind of promotion is talked about directly with the markets.
It looks like some have a separate web page with some of the best drops.
If you’re a fan of knownOrigin, for example, you’ll see a page like this every week with 4-5 featured drops and a countdown to the next one.
Also, MakersPlace makes a page with the description of the drop, images or teasers, and a countdown timer.
There is a schedule for the next week on the website and Twitter.
People on social media will also see them if your NFTs make it to a “featured drop.”
There are two birds with one stone!

Ask your friends and coworkers to help you with your release.

Artists usually have a lot of support from each other.
If you ask your art friends and followers to spread the word about your NFT Project on social media, it’s very likely that they will do so, too.
When you act together, your NFTs will get more attention and be seen by more people.

What do you need to do before this?

Reddit, Quora, and Bitcointalk are very good places to spread the word about your NFT Collection.
You can start a thread that asks, “What new NFT artists should we keep an eye on?”
As someone else, you can link to your drop and talk about yourself.

A lot of people might think it isn’t very honest.
However, this isn’t something we came up with.
It is called “crowd-marketing,” and it is used a lot in advertising.

It’s also possible to get into other discussions if you have something to say.
People will remember your name more quickly if they see it on a lot of different things.

The newsletter is at the top of the page.

Most marketplaces, media, and other crypto platforms send newsletters a few times a week, but some send newsletters more often than that.
You can ask them to put your new NFT release in the next newsletter by writing to them.
So why did they put it on the list of free things?

We, from NFT Calendar, send newsletters twice a week with the best new releases in the NFT space that we think are good.
Most of the time, we pick five NFT Collections and put them in our newsletter three times a week.
It’s better if you add your drop to our calendar first, and then do a lot of things in our community to get editors to notice you and feature you.

Paid ways to get your name out:

On the social media accounts that have a theme, you can spread the word about your drop!

There are a lot of NFT communities on Instagram and Twitter that can help you get your art seen.
People who use Instagram can post about the drop, show it on Instagram Stories, and invite an artist to Instagram Live.
To be honest, we don’t know the prices, but it’s not free.

Give them a word.

When it comes to marketing, collaborations with people who have a lot of power are the first thing that comes to mind.
Most influencers have a group of people who trust their advice and listen to their opinions.
It’s very likely that an influencer will ask you for payment in crypto, other money, or a piece of NFT art as a reward.

When there aren’t any well-known artists in your circle of friends who can help you promote your NFT drop for free, you can use influencer marketing to help you get the word out.

It’s possible to order a PR piece about your NFT drop.

It’s a good idea to write an article about your NFT Collection and share it with the people who read it.
In addition, you can work with the media in other ways, such as by giving them an interview with you.
Usually, it’s a paid service.
There is a service called Medium that lets you write a blog post about your drop.

An extra set of tips for getting the word out about your NFT drop


To help you with your NFT Collectibles promotion, we’re going to give you some more ideas.
You can’t help but stand out from hundreds of other projects that use NFT if you use these tips.

On your website, put a separate page about the drop there so people can read about it.

If you have a website, make a separate page for your drop.
Make sure to add all of the NFT pieces with descriptions, as well as tell collectors how, where, and when they can get them, too.

People become collectors when they do this.

NFT pieces made by other artists are a good way to get your name out there.
The artist is likely to share your post on Instagram Stories if you buy his or her NFT art and tag him or her in your social media posts.
The number of people who might want to buy your art will grow as a result.

This is a smart move and a small investment in your next NFT release.

Begin working together

Digital artists work with musicians, fashion brands, celebrities, and animation studios to make NFT Collections, which are collections of art.
The first reason they do collaborations is to make their art better with the help of other artists.
The second reason is that they exchange fans and make each other’s fan bases bigger.
It’s not about money when we talk about the first collaboration, but it is about being recognised.

You can reach out to other people who make things and offer to help them.
If you don’t get an answer, don’t give up.
Soon or later, someone will notice how hard you work.

Organize a contest or give away.

People in the NFT community like to do giveaways of NFT that are part of a new collection.
It doesn’t matter if you give away NFT collectibles or real pieces of your art.
Each person who wants to be in the giveaway has to follow the artist on Instagram or Twitter, tag a friend in comments, or share the post on Instagram Stories. This is how most giveaways work:

It adds to the excitement around your NFT Collection, gives you a chance to show your fans how much they mean to you, and also lets you get found by more people.

If you want to talk about a certain subject, you can join groups on Discord and Telegram.

Telegram and Discord both have chat rooms where crypto art creators can meet each other, communicate, and show off their work.
Just don’t keep giving people links to your NFT every 10 minutes in the chat room.
Join the discussions, be polite, and do your best to make people remember you and your style.

Start promoting your NFT drop before it’s ready.

A lot of NFTs fall every day, so there is a chance that you could get lost in the stream. This is what we already said.
Try to get people excited about your NFT collectibles at least 10 days before they come out.
It is possible to start off by giving people some information about the drop, and then reveal more and more about it one by one.


Having our NFT guide on how to promote your non-fungible tokens at hand, your NFT drop can’t fail.
Try out a lot of different ways to promote your business, then choose the ones that work best for you and start using them.
May as many people as possible find out about your NFT collections, and may the results always be better than you thought they would be!