Upcoming NFT Drops Calendar

Nyoki Club

March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022

10,000 Nyoki brought on planet earth by the strike of Comet Nyoki to the peak of Mount Fuji. Nyokies are now seeking their new owners.

Nyzil Alien Faces NFT

January 23, 2022 – January 30, 2022

nyzil alien face nft’s it’s long been said that aliens actively try to communicate with us. they leave us cryptic messages but we have to be ready to see the truth! strange and eerie, nyzil alien face nft’s are fascinating portrait prints of our extraterrestrial friends. only 400 rare nft’s in total! this alpha drop […]

NYC Through the lens of a Holga

November 06, 2021 – November 12, 2021

As you walk down the streets of NYC, look at it through the lens of a Holga. The Holga is a medium format camera that shoots 120 films, giving it an added richness to the image. The camera itself gives natural vignettes, blurs, and light leaks around the edges of the photograph with a more […]

NY Nicks Collection

February 06, 2022 – February 11, 2022

Official Drop of Part 2 NY Nicks basketball collectible set on opensea.io/knicksin4. Nfts of your favorite players with attributes and overalls.   

? Nanobash Limited Drop + Giveaway (Burnout)

October 04, 2021 – October 11, 2021

The first NFT Drop on Nanobash, as a thank you, we are doing the following: * The first 20,000 registered users receive a free edition of the NFT “Jungle” * An extremely affordable price of only $10 per edition to reward early adopters * Referring your friends allows you to receive two additional NFTs ___________ […]

Meta Panda Club

March 14, 2022 – March 21, 2022

Basketball is ubiquitous, from the NBA, to your local basketball courts, to the metaverse, we share the same passion for the sport. Here in web3 we are building a new basketball community. And playing basketball here is different. Breaking down boundaries. Forging strong bonds. Participating in the games, in metaverse or physical world. Investing directly […]

Maneki Gems

February 22, 2022 – March 01, 2022

Maneki Gems is the 2nd collection featuring Maneki Neko (Japanese for “Lucky Cat”) – the adopted icon of the Geniace community. With an inviting raised paw and pointy ears, these iconic lucky charms have been bringing good fortune for centuries. This collection has just 222 lucky cats cut from rare gemstones and minted on the […]

Listen Collectibles

January 19, 2022 – January 26, 2022

·       the first digital collectibles platform with an integrated pipeline of nfts from star creative artists and the best of citizen artists from around the world. the platform benefits from being part of “the listen campaign”, a massive annual campaign that will reach hundreds of millions worldwide each year, creating a global […]


February 03, 2022 – February 10, 2022

Zodiac animal NFT exclusively available on Shopee Malaysia! 1250 NFT in total! Normal designs: 1080 NFT (12 zodiac animals × 10 background colours × 9 NFT of each colour) Special edition designs: 120 NFT (12 zodiac animals × 10 special edition backgrounds) Fortune edition designs: 50 NFT (40 tigers × 1 special fortune background + […]

Inception Animals

January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022

“Inception Animals” is an online 3D metaverse game on the Flow blockchain for animal lovers to explore, craft, and interact with other players through NFTs and various in-game experiences. People can own lands and use the capability of their spirit animals, which is in the form of NFTs, to enjoy the universe in their way of choice – to […]

Icons of Anime

March 22, 2022 – March 29, 2022

In this GENIACE Collection we celebrate Sailor Moon – one of the most well-known anime series in the world. Featuring fan art with 10 of the Sailor Guardians from the popular Sailor Moon anime series, these characters are among some of the most iconic in the anime world and even non-anime fans will recognize them. […]

Hip Hop Icons

March 29, 2022 – April 05, 2022

The Hip Hop Icons is a premium collection of some of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time.The award-winning artist Mike Thompson, one of the drawing hands behind works for Marvel, DC, HBO, Nike, Warner Bros, and many others, dedicated all his passion for the genre to create beautiful paintings of hip hop artists.Collectors can […]

Geniace icons of rap

February 01, 2022 – February 08, 2022

 Introducing – icons of rap The 90s were the  “golden age” of hip hop and rap. Aside from the controversy, violence, arrests, coastal rivalries, and finally tragedy, the ’90s stand as the heyday of the greatest, most impactful, influential artists rap has ever produced. In this GENIACE Collection, we give you just a few of […]

Fright Club Horror NFTs

January 11, 2022 – January 14, 2022

Fright Club was created as the first authentic horror NFTs featuring collaborations with Horror film icons from the world’s favorite classic horror films. We were first introduced to the ecosystem during the Flowfest event in October. Our custom format combines cinematic storytelling, 3-D Animation, exclusive membership benefits, physical and digital rewards, and gamified collecting mechanisms to […]

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