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Nyoki Club

March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022

10,000 Nyoki brought on planet earth by the strike of Comet Nyoki to the peak of Mount Fuji. Nyokies are now seeking their new owners.

Nyzil Alien Faces NFT

January 23, 2022 – January 30, 2022

nyzil alien face nft’s it’s long been said that aliens actively try to communicate with us. they leave us cryptic messages but we have to be ready to see the truth! strange and eerie, nyzil alien face nft’s are fascinating portrait prints of our extraterrestrial friends. only 400 rare nft’s in total! this alpha drop […]

NYC Through the lens of a Holga

November 06, 2021 – November 12, 2021

As you walk down the streets of NYC, look at it through the lens of a Holga. The Holga is a medium format camera that shoots 120 films, giving it an added richness to the image. The camera itself gives natural vignettes, blurs, and light leaks around the edges of the photograph with a more […]

NY Nicks Collection

February 06, 2022 – February 11, 2022

Official Drop of Part 2 NY Nicks basketball collectible set on opensea.io/knicksin4. Nfts of your favorite players with attributes and overalls.   


August 14, 2022 – August 21, 2022

Society Symbols is opening NFT applications in 2 major ways:  1. We are not creating 10k versions of a character, or an art pattern. We’re taking time-honored symbols from the vast human experience, giving you the ability to trade and value them. Symbols mean something. They have been made by humans and not generated by […]


August 15, 2022 – August 22, 2022

Surfn is one of the first game-fi educational projects allowing people to learn and earn

Shawn Michaels Trading NFT Cards

August 15, 2022 – August 22, 2022

Candy Digital NFT platform known for featuring sports and entertainment non-fungible collectibles is bringing an NFT trading card featuring world-famous wrestler Shawn Michaels. Called The Heartbreak Kid, The Main Event, Mr. WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels is a true WWE Superstar. His inexhaustible energy, lively maneuvers, and years of practice made Shawn one of the greatest wrestlers […]

Inferno Friends

August 14, 2022 – August 21, 2022

Inferno Friends is a generative collection of 6,666. Minting it’s first batch of 1,000 on August 14th. Inferno Friends main goal is to donate 10% of the total mint funds to the Face it Foundation in honor of the creators father that passed from alcoholism on Father’s Day of 2021. Inferno Friends are all about […]

Hunting owls f2e

August 13, 2022 – August 20, 2022

Welcome to the farm2earn game based on a #HEDERA blockchain. We will launch on HashTools launchpad.

Aota: Aliens On The Ave

August 15, 2022 – August 22, 2022

Aliens on the Ave is a collection of 7146 unique Aliens living on the Ethereum Blockchain.  AOTA acts as your key to the “Creative Haven” A member only co-working space built for creatives. Within this space we intend on bringing real world value to our community. Such as weekly live yoga sessions, mindful meditation practices […]

Pixxtasy: Don't Use It. Just Own It.

August 31, 2022 – September 07, 2022

PIXXTASY is the brainchild of Zoltán Egri, a man who overcame a two-year drug addiction and has since become a serious anti-drug advocate. His dedication to the anti-drug cause, combined with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, formed this project to help fund drug recovery programmes and NGOs through the sale of NFTs. PIXXTASY has two main […]

HDN figrz

August 22, 2022 – August 29, 2022

Etching History into the Blockchain The blockchain will provide an indelible record of the beginning of The Movement that will reshape wealth in the minority communities. The Seven22 Project takes us on a compelling journey through digital artwork to explore and showcase the cultural contributions made by Africans and African-American globally. Additionally, the project brings […]


August 31, 2022 – September 07, 2022

Private collection 1000 nfts presacanarios cools and canary island scenery backgrounds DAO staking $ project future Generated and deployed on LaunchMyNFT.  

My Dress Up Darlings

August 23, 2022 – August 30, 2022

My Dress Up Darlings is a generative collection of 7696 unique 1/1 NFTs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. The collection was inspired by the all the many waifus of the anime world. These darlings are excited to be joining the residents of the Animetaverse and the first 1500 will be minted at 0.01ETH the […]

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